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Mindfull of







"Marketing has more angles to it than the amount of ads you buy, what they say, and how loudly they speak."


"If you make better products, but you lack your competitor's 'name' this is what you're missing."


"Content is king. Let's strive for art in our photography, videography, graphics, design, and copywriting."


"A website is the face the world sees, the clothing you wear, and the hand reaching out for payment."


"If you need it we'll even build custom made solutions that get down to the deepest of details."

Social media advertising

"Ofcourse you like rowing downstream. Let's put your business where the current is strongest."

Search advertising

"Being found easily is the best inbound marketing. It's both a science and an art to stay on top of being found."


"We're here with you to make small points in a big way, shining a light on what matters."

for those that stand out

Social Media

Focused audience targeting

Le Patron is a clothing brand that produced clothes for cyclists. The Facebook developer platform gave marketers and programmers the ability to dive deeper into the data and be focus in on their targeting. This platform was used to circumvent the generalised marketing competition and target people that have shown interests in cycling brands. Le Patron also also able to sell clothing in bicycle stores because of their niche and reached their breakeven point in one year.


A known story of succes

NASA's well known astronomy related performance formed the common thread for naming conventions and word usage. The entire theme is stellar.


Unique but clear theme

The target audience is parents with teens looking for productivity. This guided design choices early on. Blue backdrops were infused with starry skies in theme.


Sentiment seen and felt

Meaningful imagery and video clips help set a mood of fun and exploration to shape a duality with hard work and structure.


Dynamic landing pages

Desterradum's now owns an enormous set of complex rotating seasonal ads and the website is dynamically customized to the searcher's desires and keyword usage.


Established company branding

Airbus, having a sound marketing structure requested social media branding to grow their acquisitions in competition with Boeing. Since Airbus needed a rich online brand and wanted to connect more millenials. An ideal customer persona was created to model the people that travel and are interested in aviation. Targeting on all social media channels was deployed and a brand ecosystem was stimulated by entering in public discussions with other brands such as Emirates. This cross-posting strategy builds both participating partnering brands. A content strategy was created to cater to a different kind of persona interest in different aspects and details of the planes. Airbus’ reach on social media increased by 124% with a new content strategy which is still being used today.


Industry familiarity

Menswijs wanted to recreate the feel and experience of the physical business on the website. Since it is an up and coming industry vastly improved on conversion rate methods compared to existing standards after executing a large competitor analysis. With a proper design and marketing guide MensWijs can now market itself in mail, self designed tools used in therapy, and on social media.



For a target audience that is sensitive to the utmost care and profesionalism around their children we created a soft and familiar feeling of sterility.


A product that sell's itself

After our branding and presentation choices MensWijs was able to sign new contracts and more than double earnings.


Cross country budget allocation

Sweek is a mobile app based community where people can share stories. Without a strategic structure Sweek struggled to market their product in 12 countries with dedicated national marketing teams and fixed budgets. Cross platform data analysis first steered variable marketing budget per country.

After segregating the data budgets were adjusted to optimize for return on investment. Post setup and training of the executive team, influencer marketing was leveraged to reach 3000 downloads per hour. Sweek experienced significant growth and a structure with clear buttons to tweak their business moving forward for two years.

on top of things

When order is your baseline, the terrain becomes a feature.

as we turn small points

into BIG things